About Me

I began my teaching career at a small boarding school just outside of Edmonton. The school had a very strong outdoor education focus, which is what drew me to them. I spent two years with the school teaching almost everything from Grade 7 to 12. I also logged over 3000 KM on rivers in Northern Saskatchewan with my students in voyageur canoes. This was an amazing experience!

My next post was only supposed to be temporary. I made the move to a school in Calgary for learning disabled students. I had no background in working with LD students, and, while it was supposed to be temporary, it turned into a 15 year post. In the school I was a classroom teacher, Vice Principal and Director of International Travel Studies. But, no matter what hat I wore, I always approached my days with the belief that all students can learn and all students want to learn. It was my role as a teacher to help them get there. However, after 15 years it was time for a move. When the position of Learning and Innovation Coordinator opened up here in Brooks I felt it was an easy fit. Afterall, my wife is a graduate of the Grasslands system.

I would consider myself an early adopter. I am interested in how technology can enhance teaching practice. However, I also believe that innovation is not just about using technology in our lessons - it means doing things differently with the expectation of a new and better outcome. There is a great deal of innovative teaching and learning going on in Alberta right now. It is my job to help Grasslands teachers incorporate innovative practice into our classrooms. But, there are also a lot of great things going on in Grasslands. It is also my job to share that with everyone. I am very excited to take on the challenges of this role and work with the fantastic, forward thinking staff in Grasslands.